Best ClickFunnels Alternatives that You Can Get Today!

If you’re running an online business, you need a fully-functioning sales funnel that’ll help you generate leads and sales. However, creating the perfect sales funnel for your online business might not be as easy as it sounds. 

To put it bluntly, you can’t create great sales funnel pages like the opt-in page, bridge page, or landing pages with website creators. No matter which one you’re using, you’ll always find that some elements are missing. 

This is why, it’s important to get a complete set of tools that allows you to create sales funnel pages, and fine-tune them to maximize the efficiency of your website. 

To create the best sales funnels, people have been using ClickFunnels for years now. It’s definitely a great sales funnel creator. However, the times are changing, and there are lots of other sales funnel creators on the market now. 

This is why we decided to give all of them a spin so that we can determine which one among them is the best.

Today, we’ll list some of the best ClickFunnels alternatives that you can get hold of. As a bonus, we’ll also share our thoughts on which ClickFunnels alternative is the very best!

So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. GrooveFunnels: #1 Best ClickFunnels Alternative

GrooveFunnels Review

GrooveFunnels is definitely the most amazing ClickFunnels alternative that you can find right now. It’s got everything you might expect out of a sales funnel creator, and more! The best thing about this ClickFunnels alternative is that they offer more than what you expect from them. 

GrooveFunnels doesn’t work in a similar way as other platforms. Unlike different features in the same platform, there are many different apps that you need to use, which are called GrooveApps. GrooveApps are essentially the different features that you’ll get out of this ClickFunnels alternative. 

There are tons of different GrooveApps, and with these, you can schedule an appointment and integrate that to your website, setup your own helpdesk with support tickets, initiate affiliate programs, sell products and services, schedule email marketing campaigns, and many more things! 

There are many things to this ClickFunnels alternative that makes it even a better sales funnel creator than ClickFunnels. For starters, GrooveFunnels hosts videos, which will give you a chance to upload videos directly to your website. This feature is absent in ClickFunnels.

Then again, the calendar app of this ClickFunnels alternative is better than that of ClickFunnels. Plus, GrooveFunnels boasts far better automation. 

Time for the good news. You can try out GrooveFunnels for free, and there’s no expiry date for this trial version! You can use a few features of GrooveFunnels, and you can create three webpages and landing pages at max with this trial. This offers a great opportunity for trying GrooveFunnels out, and you won’t get this reliability from any other platform.

GrooveKart is another amazing app that you’ll get. GrooveKart allows you to add must-have options, display related products, finish checkout in one page, fastest load times, display related items on both pre and post-checkout, and display social proofs! It’s one of the best eCommerce tools, and you’ll get it for free!

As you can see, GrooveFunnels is better than all the other sales funnel creators that you can find right now, and it’s even better than ClickFunnels. This is why we highly recommend getting GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

GrooveFunnels boasts a free basic plan. You can get their Silver plan for $99 a month, Gold plan for $199 a month, and finally their Platinum lifetime deal for a one-time payment of $1397. The lifetime deal can also be payed in installments. 

While these paid plans might seem a bit expensive to you, they are quite cash-saving in reality. If you get one of these, you won’t need to subscribe to any other vendor for other tools, which makes it cost-effective.


  • Unlimited free trial
  • Offers lots of features in the form of GrooveApps
  • One of the best customer services
  • Video hosting


  • None

2. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub

The HubSpot Marketing Hub is a great tool and one of the best ClickFunnels alternatives for building landing pages and sales funnels.

It comes with most of the bells and whistles that you might expect from such a tool, but we must say that the features offered by this doesn’t come anywhere near GrooveFunnels. 

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. This tool offers tons of analytics that can help you drive your business to the top. One of the best things about this tool is the analysis you receive. You’ll get graphs and information on the interaction on your website. This will help you fine-tune the elements on your site so that you can maximize traffic interaction, SEO, and sales. 

Then again, you’ll also get a great knowledgebase that’s very comprehensive. Not all tools offer this, and with this knowledgebase, you’ll be able to solve a lot of problems. There are tons of tutorials as well, and these will help you along the way. 

One of the best things about the HubSpot Marketing Hub is that it allows you to craft all sorts of different landing pages. For example, you can create squeeze pages, sales pages, webinar funnels, upsells, and also down-sell pages.

Another great selling point about this tool is that you can create elegant pages. The pages you create won’t look like blank pieces of paper, nor will they look like websites straight out of the 90s.

You’ll also be able to send automated emails with this tool, and you can integrate different PPC tools in this for promoting your business easily as well.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Pricing

If you think GrooveFunnels was expensive, you better look at these prices. The starter package starts at $45 only, but this is the only instance where it’s cheaper than GrooveFunnels. The Professional package costs $800 per month, and finally, the Enterprise package costs $3200 per month. 

As you can see, the costs are pretty high, and it’s nearly impossible for an individual to pay for the Enterprise and in some cases, even the Professional package.


  • Great tools that can help boost sales
  • In-depth analytics
  • Free CRM
  • Great flexibility when it comes to A/B testing


  • Doesn’t offer custom plans
  • Templates aren’t that many

3. SamCart

SamCart - Best ClickFunnels Alternatives

If you’re looking forward to offering one of the best checkout experiences, then SamCart is the ClickFunnels alternative you need. The checkout process is definitely a huge part of the sales funnel experience, but it’s not all. This is where SamCart really falls behind. 

SamCart wasn’t built to be a tool with which you can create great opt-in pages or landing pages. However, it does offer a smooth experience, a drag-and-drop builder, and a coding-free building experience. Then again, there are tons of templates in their library for you to use. 

As SamCart doesn’t offer much of a landing page builder, it may make you question how they got such a huge userbase. In fact, this ClickFunnels alternative helped process more than 1.7 billion dollars by now. How did they do that?

The major reason behind their success is their checkout process customizability. As you may know, landing pages are most important for acquiring new customers. However, if you want to retain the customer you already have, you need to offer a checkout process that they won’t forget. 

This is where SamCart comes in. SamCart offers one of the best checkout processes that you can create with any sales funnel creating tool. There are tons of different features that you can use efficiently. For example, you can leverage localization, meaning that the language of the country of the user will appear in the checkout process.

Then again, you can receive cash from digital wallets as well. Another thing that’s amazing is that there’s no boundary on how many products you can sell. This is another great feature if you’re willing to sell a lot of different products on your website.

SamCart Pricing

There are three pricing models of SamCart. You can take their Launch package for $49 a month only. This is the most basic package. Then, there’s the Grow package which comes at $99 a month only. Finally, the most expensive package from them is Scale, and it costs $199 a month.

Only the Scale package offers the affiliate marketing feature, and this is a bit disappointing that you can’t leverage affiliate marketing with the cheaper packages. However, this also makes SamCart a viable option if you’re willing to pair it with some other sales funnel creating tool.


  • Seamless web page building experience
  • Different digital wallets can be integrated
  • Helps retain the customers
  • Offers the localization feature


  • The affiliate program is available only on the Scale package
  • Doesn’t offer good tools for creating a good sales funnel

4. Unbounce

If you’re looking for a sales funnel creator that will give you the feel of using ClickFunnels in a way, then Unbounce is a great option for you. Unbounce is a great sales funnel creator, and it offers a solid drag-and-drop experience. The user interface is very intuitive, and even if you’re new to this, you’ll be able to create high-converting landing pages. 

Unbounce also offers a lot of templates that you can use on your landing pages directly. In fact, the templates are very elegant and well-crafted, and they’ll let you draw inspiration so that you can create your own. 

Another amazing feature about Unbounce is that it allows you to get their basic package for 14-days. If you want, you can try out their features in the trial period, and then you can decide whether you want them or not.

Unbounce Pricing

There are four packages to choose from. The Launch package costs $80, the Optimize package costs $120, the Accelerate package costs $200, and finally, the Scale package costs $300.


  • Offers lots of different elements
  • Great drag-and-drop builder
  • Good integration facility
  • Allows you to create elegant landing pages


  • No support for email marketing
  • The checkout page isn’t that good

5. Leadpages


If you’re running a small online business, then Leadpages is one of the best ClickFunnels alternatives that you can get hold of.

You can create landing pages and even websites with it, and it offers more or less all the features that you’ll need to create a highly converting landing page. The landing page builder is quite elegant, intuitive, and it’s packed with tons of pre-built templates. 

Another amazing thing about this ClickFunnels alternative is that it will tweak the landing pages you build, and it will optimize them for mobile. Nowadays, most people make purchases from mobile, so it’s definitely important to have a website that’s optimized for mobile phones. 

You can use interactive elements like alert bars, pop-up balloons, as well as opt-in forms. With these, you can create a truly interactive and converting web page and landing page. 

Furthermore, this ClickFunnels alternative also offers analytics that will help you narrow down what’s wrong with your website. You can get real-time analytics, and a/b tests too!

LeadPages Pricing

There are three plans for you to grab. The standard plan costs $27 a month, the Pro plan costs $59 a month, and the Advanced plan costs $239 a month.

The Standard plan misses out on most of the advanced features like online sales and payments, email trigger links, and advanced integrations. Plus, this plan doesn’t feature unlimited a/b testing.

The Pro plan misses out on only a few of these features, and the Advanced plan offers everything!


  • Intuitive and elegant looking editor
  • Lead capture tools are great
  • Great pre-built templates
  • Mobile optimization


  • No email campaigns
  • The analytics isn’t that accurate

6. Builderall

Builderall 4 Logo

A great ClickFunnels alternative, you can gladly use Builderall as a platform for digital marketing and web designing. It doesn’t matter whether you own a large multinational business, growing business, or small business, Builderall can cover every requirement of yours.

Builderall is perfect for people who run online businesses. The most amazing thing it offers is its exclusive support features. Even if you’re not skilled enough in designing, Builderall will help you out and you’ll be able to produce the content you need much quicker.

It comes with different packages and pricing plans that provide a different set of features. To make sure you’re getting what you need, go through all the plans they offer carefully and get the one you need.

Builderall Pricing

Builderall offers different plans with a different set of features. The marketer plan will cost you $29.90 a month, essential will cost you $49.90 a month, and the premium one will cost you $69.90 a month. They also offer a 14-day free trial to test the features.


  • One of the best builders for building graphic funnels
  • Has tools for hosting videos
  • Numerous gateways for checkout
  • Builders for building blogs and customized chats


  • User experience is inconsistent between so many tools
  • Quite expensive for beginners

7. Kartra

Kartra Logo

Running an online business may sound easy, but if you own an online business, you know that how much time and energy it takes. And when the business is growing, time is the most valued resource that you don’t usually have.

Transitioning between different platforms for online marketing is the most difficult task. And this is where Kartra comes in which covers it all!

Kartra is a sales funnel builder that offers everything an online business might need in a single package. It helps to make the business more appealing to the customer by providing support in running ventures through its resources. 

Landing pages, email marketing, creating funnels, managing contacts, and many more are covered by Kartra.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra offers 4 pricing plans with access to all the features, but different limitations for different plans. The starter will cost $99 per month, silver will cost $149 per month, gold will cost $299 per month, and the platinum plan costs $399 per month.


  • All the plans offer full access
  • Users can host videos
  • Comes with more useful features like Kartra Videos, Kartra Helpdesks, and Kartra Calendar


  • The process for checkout is a little slow
  • The website builder could have more features


As you can see, there are seven different ClickFunnels alternatives that you can choose from. Among them, we think GrooveFunnels is the best ClickFunnels alternative that you can pick.

It not only offers more features, but it offers all the features you need to run your online business at a very reasonable price!

This is why, if you want to go for a ClickFunnels alternative, we highly recommend GrooveFunnels!

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